Young Adults 

Remember the Gift: Initiatory Mentorship


6 month program to deepen qualities of connection, courage and purpose in a community context of wilderness rites, self-generated ceremony, council and presence.

Some of the practices we use: 

Ancestral remembering, dream work, somatic awareness, mindfulness, storytelling, forgiveness, vulnerability, council, nature connection, listening deeply, reading the field, grief and gratitude, discussion, beauty, creativity, writing, kindness, wheel of life, ritual... 

Curriculum elements:

  • Nature Connection

  • Peacemaking

  • Healing and Soul Work

  • Community Leadership

  • Creativity

  • Mindfulness

  • Mentoring

  • Recreating the Village

Wilderness Fast 

JUNE 22-30, 2018

The heart of this journey is a 3 day and night solo immersion without shelter, food or human company.


“If the modern world is to start maintaining things, it will have to redefine itself. A new culture will have to develop, in which neither humans and their inventions nor God is at the center of the universe. What should be at the center is a hollow place, an empty place where both God and humans can sing and weep together.”

— Martin Prechtel 

“A gift comes to you through no action of your own, free, having moved toward you without your beckoning. It is not a reward; you cannot earn it, or call it to you, or even deserve it. And yet it appears. Your only role is to be open-eyed and present. Gifts exist in a realm of humility and mystery- as with random acts of kindness, we do not know their source.”

— Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass