Wilderness Fasts

The heart of this twelve day journey is 3 days & nights alone in the wilderness

What happens when you open to the possibility that we are held in a web of relationships within the natural world?


The practice of being on the land without the comforts of human company, food, and shelter is timeless, powerful and simple. In today's culture, many of us have missed a ceremonial marking of our adulthood or other significant changes in our lives. The wilderness fast is for those of you who are ready to mark a transition, renew and nurture yourself and your vision, celebrate, confirm, forgive, let go, make offerings, practice self-care, connect, ask for help, receive, give thanks, dream, listen. This journey is intended to support you in claiming the next phase of your life. Specifically you may:

  • Find a sense of home and place in the natural world
  • Attune to natural cycles/time
  • Restore connection with all your relations
  • Help you make peace with death
  • Mark a transition, honor a life passage
  • Find your inner resources as you move through a challenge
  • Slow down
  • Engage ceremonial community gatherings

Generally the structure is to meet as a group to share intentions and prepare for a period of alone time (3 days & nights). We ceremonially mark this time and and then gather again in circle to share stories and begin to integrate our experiences. You will be supported throughout to keep yourself safe.

All spiritual backgrounds and experience levels welcome. 

Participants are responsible for bringing their own food and camping equipment.


DEPOSIT: $625 - Covers logistics, camping, basic expenses, etc. Paid upon registration. Early registration: $525.

DONATION/OFFERING: There is no charge for the ceremony. Suggested donation for guides - $600. This is an opportunity to give according to your means and inspiration. Donations will be accepted on the last day.


To register for or inquire about any event, please email alexisslutzky@gmail.com.

As the ceremony begins once you make the commitment, we encourage you to register as soon as possible in order to begin your preparations. 

Details and preparation information will be sent upon registration.

Your guides


Alexis Slutzky, MA, MFT is a wilderness guide, group facilitator and mentor dedicated to living an authentic life of interconnection. She is a council trainer, has worked as a leader with The Ojai Foundation for the past 15 years and has trained extensively with the School of Lost Borders. Alexis is adjunct faculty at Antioch University and offers nature-based programs and mentoring out of her private practice and in affiliation with other organizations. She has been certified as a Wilderness First Responder.