Wilderness Fast for Young Adults


June 22-30, 2018

for AGES 18-28

The heart of this journey is a 3 day and night solo immersion without shelter, food or human company.

Throughout time there has been a call for those who choose to listen, to go out alone into the wilderness to ask for vision, and listen deeply into who we are and why we are here. In the old ways, the transition into adulthood was marked with some such initiation, as the young ones were taken away by the elders and stripped down to the bare essentials of their lives, given teachings and ordeals in order to shed their childhood identities, and open to the dreams and visions given to them and embody the qualities necessary to live in the times and step into their role as an adult in service to the community. The ancients speak of this time as a necessary part of our development, so we understand ourselves in the context in which we live, gather the tools needed for the journey, and honor our place in the living world. Although most of us do not live in a village context, the need for marking the transition into adulthood with community around us is more important than ever. 

This initiatory process is for those of you ready to honor the passage into adulthood in a changing world, share your fears and challenges, open to your dreams and vision and claim your willingness to bring forth your unique gifts. It is an opportunity to deepen your relationship to yourself, others and the wider world in a contained encounter with the unknown, grounded in the intuitive teachings received from the elements of nature. 

After an initial preparatory meeting in early June, we have 9 days of wilderness immersion. From our base camp in the Sierra Madre mountains, we enter two days of preparation to shape and share our intentions. Each individual is supported to go out on the land and stay alone while the guides remain at base camp. After three days and nights, you return to camp to break fast together, and share stories, and speak to how to incorporate what we have been given into our lives. 



Open to all genders. 

Cost: The ceremony is offered by donation, however there is a modest cost to cover logistics and administration. Please contact us for details. 

Introductory 3 hour Meeting - Date TBD by group (sometime in late May, early June)

Limited to 12 participants.


Alexis Slutzky and Shawn Berry

shawn 1.jpg

Shawn's dedication to understanding what makes a healthy, whole, nature-connected human has led him to explore the relationship between humans and Earth through many aspects. For the past fifteen years he has served as a guide facilitating vision fasts as a rite of passage for adults, with a focus on the critical component of incorporating the inspiration and vision received rom a transformational wilderness experience into daily life. He designs nature connection workshops for adults, youth and teens independently and in conjunction with different organizations. He is a permaculture enthusiast and currently brings his experience and passion to his role as Director of Outdoor Studies at Manzanita School in Topanga, CA, where he develops and implements program for the entire student body to deepen their connection to nature, themselves and their community.


Alexis Slutzky, MFT is a mentor, educator, guide and facilitator whose work focuses on cultural restoration through dream tending, reciprocity with nature, honoring grief, and facilitating ritual and rites of passage for women and young adults. Alexis holds a Master’s Degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, is a Council Trainer and Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University. She has been trained with the School of Lost Borders and as a Wilderness First Responder. She offers groups, trainings, nature-based programs and one-on-one mentoring out of her private practice and in affiliation with other organizations.