Holy Remembering: Soul Activism Training for Women

6 month program for women

Tools and practices for living a life of soul & depth, earth stewardship and regenerative community.

2018 Spring program dates: February 25, March 16-18, April 20-22, May 24-28, June 15-16, July 15

2018/2019 Fall program dates: September 22-23, October 18-30, November 15-18, December 7-9, February 15-17, March 15-17

This is part school, all soul education, community and catalyst for healing and vision - bringing out the most authentic parts of you in order to engage a purposeful life and awaken your soul's calling in alignment with the earth and all beings.

In this culture of competition, consumption, achievement, productivity, speed and ego, it is radical activism to slow down and listen to the call of the soul. The soul is our wild nature, undomesticated and uninterested in conformity, safety, cultural norms. It is risky to listen to this voice within, as it may ask us to move in opposition to our desire for safety or belonging in the more common use of the word. Usually there is more at stake not to listen. It takes tremendous courage to let go of our ideas about who we are, and where we are going, and to follow the path of our soul. We come here whole and connected, with a purpose related to our gifts; along the way we forget; this is a journey of remembering, a sacred and holy task. We do it not only for ourselves, but because life depends on it. Together we remember a new and old way of being that is rooted in our connection to the earth, each other and the holy wild living world.

Engaging practices of elemental nature-based ceremony, inquiry, heart centered facilitation, the way of council, dream work, shadow exploration and community ritual in a circle of women, we enter a time of deep listening, letting go of what is not true, and opening to our essential selves. Moving around the wheel of life, looking at personal, relational, communal, global, aspects of mind, body, spirit and heart, this is an initiation and an opportunity for revelation and remembering your naturalness and unique expression.

Curriculum elements/core practices:

  • Nature Connection - Sensory awareness, self-generated ceremony, cycles of change, elemental intimacy
  • Soul Work - core patterns and limiting beliefs, dream work, shadow, wheel of life map, trauma resiliency, authenticity and connection, ancestral lineage remembering, somatic awareness, forgiveness, grief
  • Community Leadership - self-regulation, heart- centered facilitation, honoring transitions, rites of passage
  • Creativity - writing, poetry, song, dance, movement, music, prayer, practices of connection, gratitude
  • Mindfulness - presence, meditation, loving-kindness, witness, breath
  • Community - camping, shared meals, ritual, council, communication, service

Program logistics:

We meet once a month over the course of six months. Generally we meet weekends from Friday at 4pm – Sunday 4pm, although some meetings are a daylong from 9:30am - 5:30pm, and the wilderness fast (May for Spring group/October for Fall) is longer.   

Some of the sessions are camping, and most are at a beautiful, cozy home in Ojai, CA. Participants are responsible for their own camping equipment. Dinners and breakfasts provided. Participants bring their own food for lunch. 

Program overview: 

  • Session 1: Introduction. Wheel of Life
  • Session 2: Wilderness Fast or Gratitude and Grief - Honoring Our Pain 
  • Session 3: Healing and Reconciliation
  • Session 4: Gratitude and Grief - Honoring Our Pain or Wilderness Fast 
  • Session 5: Meaning and Purpose
  • Session 6: Integration. Going Forth

Program details:

Limited to 12 participants.

Cost: Spring $2500. Fall $3500. Scholarships available.


Alexis Slutzky, with guest teachers for some weekends.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

— Brene Brown